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Flu Shot or Not?

It’s the time of year again… beloved cold and flu season.  How do you prepare?

Personally, I’d love the hibernation approach.  Especially with having lots of little kids, it makes perfect sense to come out again about April, when this season has passed.  If only that were realistic.

That said, we do really cut down on the public places exposure this time of year.  We no longer do the “entire family” shop nights like we do in the spring and summer.  We try to limit the exposure of the little ones to Walmart, and the grocery store if possible.  But, we still go to church… and obviously we’re around people every week.  It’s impossible to avoid all germs.  [ because believe me, if there was away… this OCD mom would have tried that approach ]

Let me justify my desire to avoid heavy illnesses like the flu…  in our family, it takes a good month for it to completely leave.  I would much rather be together, and be healthy – than be together… and ALL be sick.  Agreed?  Thank you.  I also realize it won’t ALWAYS be like this… so while it’s a sacrifice for a few years here – (hopefully) our children won’t always be putting their fingers down their throats and up their noses after LICKING the public bathroom stall wall.  YES – it has happened before. [shiver]

Most of us do get flu shots every year – for several reasons. We have family with compromised immune systems, so we want to watch out for them with having so many germ carriers.  Also, obviously something like the flu knocks this family down for quite a bit.  That said, we still got the flu the last two years.  The first year, we got H1N1 right before the separate vaccine was released – and I was pregnant.  It was terrible – and whoever said it wasn’t that concerning – apparently had a lighter strain than we did.  It was 104-105 degree fevers around the clock, and not phased by motrin.  We did have our normal flu shots – yes.  It didn’t matter.

Last year – we got our flu shots in Oct, and my husband brought back Influenza A from a business trip in February.  We probably had a weaker dose, or the virus had changed enough at that point (they can’t always guess it perfectly, and it does change throughout the season).  It knocked us all out.  I will credit with our Dr getting me IV fluids – and that helping me turn around quickly.  I will also say that being in top shape – and staying hydrated helped me bounce back as well.

So – I think it’s a complete personal choice on whether or not people get the flu shots, I think there are pros and cons with all things – but I am thankful for the option and possibly protection!  After the first year “scare” of the H1N1 – things certainly simmered down with it spreading once the vaccine was introduced into the flu vaccine itself.  Praise God.  Praying this year we can STEER CLEAR of the Influenza bugs!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.” –  Matthew 6:24

Face to Face – A Healthy Marriage

One of the blessings of working on the computer at night, is listening to sermons while I work.  I’ve been able to listen to quite a few lately, and each night – I am blessed by what I hear.

The most recent one by Mark Driscoll was about marriage, and what that should look like, according to God’s word.  He talked about how many great spiritual leaders, and writers – people we often consider “saints” in the Protestant faith, were terrible husbands and fathers.  It was great to consider just what our priorities need to be with our marriages, and our families and just to evaluate the “health” of those relationships… Looking to the perfect relationship of Christ and the church.

I counted myself blessed as I listened about several men, husbands and fathers, who had sacrificed their marriages and families in a very non-Biblical way.  Their works driven effort had neglected the commitment they had made to God in their spouse – the second most important relationship in their life.  Mark brought up that the sacrifice has been given, so we are not to sacrifice the very gifts God has blessed us with (spouse and children) in order to be “blessed more” or “work harder” for God.  He doesn’t say this in His word.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I realized that I’m guilty of seeing good things or even better things in this world, and taking my eyes off of God – for the GREAT thing He has to offer.  It doesn’t mean we don’t serve, it just means we don’t serve in a way that sacrifices our first commitments.  IF it’s always hurting your marriage, and your family – it’s a good sign that it’s not God’s best.

Mark talked about how many marriages end up in a “back to back” relationship – each person living their own life… but not even really in the same book.  He then talked about the “shoulder to shoulder” marriages – where they’re both working for the same goals, maybe in the same book – but not on the same page.  These couples are often working independently a majority of the time.   So again, difficult to be utilizing what God designed as your “help-mate” in your spouse and it’s to see how these couples eventually drift apart.  The kids grow up, they move on – and the couple who never nurtured that friendship as husband and wife, nor do they “feel” a reason to stay together.

My view across the table on our date. Waters of course!

The focus was on getting your marriage back to a FACE TO FACE relationship.  A relationship that daily prays together, that serves one another, and holds each other accountable (no, this does not mean nagging), but is focused on God-centered goals for their future.

We were blessed tonight by our good friends watching our 8 angels while WE had some “face to face” time – which didn’t include “mommy” every third word, cleaning dishes, clothing being folded, or sitting at a computer.

(PS if you can find a couple who will swap date nights with you… do this, it is a blessing!  Who better knows what it feels like to desire some “face-to-face” time with your spouse, than a friend going through the same stage in life!   [Plus, it’s removes that guilt of being in debt to someone, always burdening family (it’s nice to have options – more dates right?), or paying an unqualified sitter – because it’s a favor you can return, at price you can afford (FREE!).]

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” – Ephesians 5:31

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