Getting 5K-razy

You may know – I’m not a runner.

My brothers were both all-state track sprinters all through highschool.  I think my oldest brother got 2nd in the state for what used to be the 100 yard dash and they both competed as freshman on up either in sprint relays or individual sprinting events – they were both REALLY fast.

I seem to have most of the recessive genes in the family.  I did try running some in Jr. High – but I didn’t like it.  The expectation of my last name was high, and my ability didn’t match up.  I wasn’t fast.   I didn’t ever feel the greatest while running either … so I passed when I got to high school.  I really don’t think I was in very good shape, which didn’t help my efforts.

I always wished I could run.  It was neat to watch others make it look so easy.  To watch my brothers “kick it in” with such energy [that was definitely God-given ability] was nothing short of amazing.

Now myself?  I felt like a broken machine when someone would yell, “get the lead out!!”  My “lead out” button was busted.  I’m guessing I was either made of lead, or … I just hadn’t learned some skills in the running department.

In my defense, we recently learned one of my daughters has asthma.  The Dr. and I agree – I probably have a touch of it too, and have grown out of most of it.  When I get into a heavy workout – I do notice I struggle getting deep enough breaths, but for the most part – I can control it.

So, when a friend encouraged a group of us to run at the KState homecoming 5K – I thought, why not?

[ Actually I thought….  wait a minute, I’m not a runner, I could get hurt, I don’t have the right shoes…and every excuse in the book filled my mind filled with past memories of running.  I. hated. running.]

But then, my husband – and the awesome encourager he is, said, “You could totally do that.  I think you should give it a try, it’s only 3 miles!”  He even encouraged me to get actual running shoes for the big day.  I had my gate analyzed at the local running store despite the fact we could get running shoes at wholesale.   I was happy to support another small business and get the right shoes, the first time, despite the cost.

Chrissy, Steph, and I... Bodies built by God for His glory!

So I did it…  I ran the race last weekend.  With just two short weeks of training inside on a treadmill – I ran a bit every few days combined with my circuit training workouts and enjoyed the run with some of my best friends.  It was an amazing day, and it felt SO fantastic to get out there and try something new.  I know I’m not the fastest, and I didn’t really have any time goals against myself.  Mainly, I just wanted to run for fun – try something new, and NOT get hurt.  I accomplished those goals, and I was happy.

I won’t lie, with the spirit God gave me [of a desire to improve],  I would like to do something like this again.  I want to know how I can improve my stride, figure out how to pace myself better and finish in a way that makes me feel I put it all out there.  Similarly to a great workout that makes me feel like shouting, “That felt GREAT, thank you God that I feel strong!”  I’ll never be the fastest, or some superstar – and I’m great with that.  But it was fun to learn something new, and feel GOOD about it – to challenge my muscles in new ways.  If nothing else it was a workout with 1200 other people that day, accomplishing a similar task, all with different goals in mind.  Out of 618 women running/walking, I got 119th place and finished in about 28 minutes.  In my mind, that’s first place for God’s glory – because I ran as an offering to Him.

I plan to continue running now and then, and maybe even continuing to do some 5Ks with my best girl friends, or husband and maybe SOMEDAY work up to another new challenge.  Who knows?

Special thanks to my dear friend Chrissy who got the itch to run, and invited others to join her – and thanks to our friend Stephanie, who is a seasoned runner – and helped give us tips in the weeks leading up to the run, and encouraged us both the day of.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us  throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles,

and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  – Hebrews 12:1

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  1. Love it..I too will some day be able to say I’ve done that. I will run a 5K at some point in my life. Way to go girls!!!

  2. SO happy for you! I’ve done a couple 10k’s and they were a blast! The first one was rough, I had just gotten mono and my only desire was to “not die.” I think I ran the first 17 minutes. A year later, I ran the entire thing with my sweet friend, Steffy by my side! Chad & I did a triathlon together and there is an awesome feeling of accomplishment in trying something new! Proud of you!

  3. Thanks Chera!! So share – how did you train for your runs and triathlon – was that recent? What an awesome memory you have of you and Steffy I bet! Awwwh! Steph does half marathons and the like – but for fun too, makes it less “scary” (to me) when I call it a FUN RUN vs. a race! =
    @ Kori – Yes you will!!! If *I* (the non-runner) can do it, God can do anything. 🙂

    • After Andrew was born, Chad was determined to do a triathlon and lose 80 lbs in the process. He did several races with friends & encouraged me to try running….I’d been a “want-to-be” athlete in highschool with swim team and volleyball, but hated running.

      When we first started running together, it was 1 min. running/1 min. walking. Then slowly upped the running and eventually I just kept going. It’s a struggle EVERY time, and after Will was born, my body certainly reacts differently than it did after baby #2, not sure what that’s about. A little older too, ha.

      After getting in better shape, Chad asked our friends Pepper & Steff if they’d want to do a triathlon at Oregon State together, and I laughed. Chad finally said, “What, you don’t think you’re strong enough?” Ugh. Sign me up, dude, we’re doing it! That was in April of ’06 and a lot of work to train for, even though it was a short sprint distance. Loved it though….time together to train, fun weekend with our friends and I can say I did it!

  4. So proud of all 3 of you! Way to have fun while staying healthy for Him!

  5. That’s great I had planned to start running but I’m procrastinating because I hurt my foot.;( you have given me inspiration 😉

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