Health and your Relationships


Did you realize that you can be in tip-top shape, eat great, and STILL struggle with your health?

I was amazed to find out about how external relationships and internalizing stress can really ADD to the deterioration of your health.  When I had gestational diabetes, I was unable to always control my numbers with diet and exercise because of my stress level that I would internalize.   We had to focus on triggers and try to avoid those things that we knew made me literally “sick”…

I’ve read book after book on relationships and how to better myself, and learn how *I* can change how I think about a situation, vs trying to change someone else…  but sometimes – things don’t work like they do in the “helpful” books.  You’re not always able to “fix” the things God has allowed to be broken for a reason.  We must go to Scripture for the final authority.

Now I’m not saying always avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable – because God does want us out of our comfort zones sometimes, and that allows us to trust in, and grow closer to Him.    But DO pay attention to those unhealthy relationships in your life, and don’t continue trying to mend a situation that God may have allowed for a reason.  Recognize your limitations and surrender them to God.  He will always show you the Truth, and ways you can improve yourself, or at least your thinking on the situation at hand.

Praise Him for the diversity He made in creating so many different personalities and unique human beings, but be aware of situations and people who are not drawing you closer to investments of eternal value.  Encourage one another, and build eachother up!

 “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”  Col. 3:2



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