Harvesting… What did you Plant?

As fruit seasons change - I thought I'd share what we use as our default "fruit" option from our freezer. Defrost some of this!

God tells us in His word that we shall reap what we sow.

If we plant good crops, and take care of them… we shall ALWAYS reap good crops.  Right?

Well, sort of.  Not always.

What did God mean then?

I was thinking of this in regards to our lives… what we invest in – what we reap.  We can apply it to many things.

Work, parenting, investing in lives of others and…our health.

We can do all of the “right things”…  work hard, plan, put in our best efforts…

BUT.  Sometimes –  things aren’t going to go the way we “plan”.

In those situations, we learn to honor God in our efforts and wait…. and see how God will use the situation to bring Himself glory.

It’s not always as easy as it sounds… believe me – it’s sometimes been a real struggle as we battle the world’s ways.  I think part of why I got gestational diabetes was stress and lack of sleep as I tried supporting our growing family financially, while schooling, and raising 5 other kids.  I tend to internalize pain and struggle, before surrendering it to God… and it was showing up – in the diabetes for sure.   I wondered what God was doing … as we struggled to feed and clothe our children.

Looking back, God needed us to trust Him.  It took us a while to get that.

Our job is always try to do our best, as an offering to God.  Not by the world’s standards, as if someone is watching you – but ALWAYS as if God is watching you.   In our work, parenting, investing in others…AND our health.

God doesn’t promise that if you take care of your body, that you’re going to “never get ill”, have set-backs or pain… or that you’ll never struggle with trying to lose or maintain weight, ever again.  He reminds us that our efforts are what He blesses… and He knows our hearts and the level of OUR effort that is pleasing to Himself.

So don’t bother lying to yourself… (I’ve tried that, it didn’t work!)   Not exercising, and not eating right WILL catch up to you.  Do the right things, for the right reasons.  Remind yourself of the reasons to be filled with the eternal desires of God… not the short-term satisfaction of yourself or the things of this world.

 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” – Galatians 6:7

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