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Not Perfect, But Progress!

Sometimes I wish that life was in slower motion.  That you could enjoy each day a little more, smell those roses a little longer…

and make EVERYTHING from scratch…

and it didn’t take very long…

and the ingredients were all readily available, home-grown and inexpensive… and …. and…

Am I asking too much?  Maybe so.

That is just simply NOT. my. reality.

How about you?

Now, I don’t want to wish my life away, and I’m so, very thankful for the stage of life I’m in, and where God has placed me with His purpose in mind…  but I sometimes think…

I’d love to make everything from scratch and grow everything out of my garden – but the truth is, that isn’t a priority to us with the lives we lead.

We try to make the best choices we can – with what is available to us.  Better choices… not perfect.

When living a healthy lifestyle, there are going to be times, when you’re busy or on the go…. when you don’t have the options you’d have if you had more time/options available.   Sometimes you’re in your own kitchen but you don’t have time to do things the way you’d like to on any given day during the week or a busy weekend…  because life is busy, and let’s be real – it isn’t perfect!  (I never hear people say how they’re super bored, with nothing to do on any given week – we fill up our schedules – over the top sometimes!)

That’s how it is sometimes with us and breakfast somedays.  We have our standard yogurt, eggs, sausage… and then some carb option.  Sometimes its homemade oatbran muffins.  Other times its Ezekial bread or a whole wheat english muffin or whole wheat monkey bread….

Kashi waffles are delish!

Years ago, we used to have these frozen french toast sticks … they were TERRIBLE for us, and like GLUE in our systems.  White bread, all refined sugar.  Awful, empty calories.

Now, for our syrup treat, we have Kashi waffles and boy do they fit the bill.  Obviously they’re not made from scratch, but they are a great “better” option for our family.  Quick, tasty, and a much better option health-wise.

– Serving size is 2 waffles for 150 calories (watch that syrup – cut up fruit is also a great option!)

– Those two waffles have 25 carbs and 7 grams of fiber – for a net carbs of 18 (this is truly GREAT).

– The sugars are 3 (fantastic – because they sure are yummy for only 3g of sugar!)

– They also have a whopping 590 mg of Omega-3 in them – (bonus).

I’ll spare you the stats on the french toast sticks we used to consume…  we’ll just say we don’t miss those.  At all.

What ways are you finding to make healthier options part of your everyday for your family/self?

 “Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!”  – Psalm 34:8


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