Give Me a “T”… Give Me an “E”…

When God brings you to something – He doesn’t promise it’s going to be easy, OR that you’re even going to LIKE it a little bit… Or….

that you’re going to have any support.

You know, you may even have to stand alone sometimes… and that can FEEL rather… well – lonely.

But you’re never “ALONE”… it just feels that way.  These are actually the times we often grow the most (towards God).  The times we remember to look to God for strength, wisdom and peace.

I experienced it in my youth when I didn’t drink in high school… and as I grew with Christ, I’ve felt many lonely times as I’ve had to stand up for things God has called our family to do that were different form the world…  Lots of questions, concerning looking, ridicule, mockery… you name it.  Sometimes people are downright RUDE.

But what did Jesus DO when people were rude at Him?  Come up with a great snarky comeback?  (It’s a shame that’s not the answer… because I find myself extra witty in this area).

Nope – He calmly, and lovingly pointed to the Truth.

Well the same thing may happen when you transform inside-out… as you strive to be healthy for Him.

Some people might ask questions … some might give you concerning looks (I get the “are you EATING?”), and then the teasing (you need a sandwich), and of course the mockery…  (you know the type where people ASK the questions, but they don’t LISTEN for what the answers are…?) Why again did they even ASK….?

In our society, unless someone is being convicted by God to make some changes – facing a “healthy” someone can be downright IRRITATING to people (and CONVICTING)…   So sometimes just your being you – not doing anything wrong, can allow someone to stir up sin in their heart… envy, jealousy, strife, discontent, frustration – and throw it all up ON YOU.

Oh sure, there will be some who are THRILLED for you and who would love to also grow to God in this area.  BUT.  Don’t be surprised if not everyone loves to hear about your transformation…  SO, as MUCH as you can, DO surround yourself with supportive, and loving friends and family who want to see you conquer the sin in this area of your life.

It can be difficult initially to say “NO” to grandma’s offering of another helping of her buttery, mashed potatoes, or to decline the 1000 calorie dessert from a good friend encourages you to eat for the sake of  “you deserve it”…

Pray for strength to be honest and open with those you are close with.  Let them know you’re working on being healthy for God, that it’s NOT a crazy diet,  but that it’s a priority to you to be educated about your body and how it’s designed.  That your heart desires to put God first and you’d love their support.  If you don’t have any support people – pray for some.  God has answered my prayer on more than one account – and always seems to bring just the right people in my life that He knows I need for every assignment He gives!

That support TEAM will make all of the difference in moving you in the right direction, and they will continue encouraging you when the going gets TOUGH.

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20

A picture with several of the people in the support group I cherish. Great friendships rooted in the Truth, and prayer partners are essential!


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