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Who IS That Person?

Autumn, a season of change, and new beginnings. What types of new goals can we set to be healthy for Him?

I remember the first time it happened…

I walked by the mirror in a mall.

I stopped.

I went in reverse.

WHO is that person?  I do not recognize the reflection… of the person holding my son’s hand.

Someone has put my head on someone else’s out of shape and exhausted body!

I swore my face hadn’t changed… but looking back NOW, it had.  I just looked at my face daily, so I didn’t notice it as much…

But it was one of the major wake up calls I remember.

I felt robbed some days.  I settled into my “comfortable” zone.

A friend once deemed this “happy fat”…

I call that a lie.  I wasn’t happy, and I felt terrible, but I told myself I was ok.  I wasn’t obese.  (There you go again Sara comparing across, instead of UP!)

We may think it’s a comfortable place that we “know” and feel good about… a place were there are no limitations, and no restrictions in life.  It resembled idol worship.  Because it WAS.  The world’s version of trying to live out heaven “now” – vs. trusting in God’s promises, and working on obedience NOW.

Whether it’s food, or laziness, or lack or priorities… choose your idol.  Mine was all of the above when it came to my health.

I remember when I read Chantel Hobb’s book, “Never Say Diet Again”… she wrote about “visualizing” what you look like.  Not in a “mind over matter” type of way, but in a goal setting type of way.  A healthy image of YOU… one who FEELS good, and in return, looks good…  A self that would make God proud to call you His own.  You see, we don’t have to do anything to be loved by Him, but that shouldn’t be a complacency card either.  It should be our reason to act!

I could picture that person I was supposed to be, but it sure wasn’t the person I SAW that day.  I saw another person and she was in several pictures we took too, to the point that I didn’t want my picture taken ever.  We have almost zero family pictures for about 5 years.  I couldn’t stand seeing that person who felt so horrible…   It wasn’t the weight as much as it was how unhealthy I knew I was, and THAT was the proof.

So how about you?  Do you have a mental image of a healthy you for HIM?  What does she look like and feel like?  How can you work on that today?

I will tell you, the moment I saw pictures of me and felt like I finally saw the image I envisioned, was beyond words.  I didn’t think it was ever possible again.  I put God in a box apparently…  again.  He can do ALL things!

Get up and move and thank Him for the breath we have each day!!  Hope you’re having a great week!

“Then you will lift up your face without shame; you will stand firm and without fear.  You will surely forget your trouble,  recalling it only as waters gone by.   Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning.”

 – Job 11:15-17

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