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A Crock Full?

Kansas got some relief in the weather today, and it made me think of fall and using my crock pot!

Where does my help come from?

We’ve talked about self motivation… vs. God motivation…

Well, while talking with another member of our church, we were discussion self-discipline though.  She felt she lacked the self-discipline needed to have success in being healthy for Him.  It made me stop…. and think.  She had a great point.

While we may have the right motivation to get healthy – God.  We also need the self-discipline and self-control to also add to our opportunity at success.

BUT…with all of those “self” needs… of course we’re going assume we can’t do it… and I believe that’s exactly what God is wanting.

Excuse me?

Yes.  I believe God wants us to realize we can’t do those things, or possess those disciplines WITHOUT Him.

That’s why they’re called the fruits of the Spirit.

So, what are we doing to seek His face on the matter of health?  Is it something we take to God daily in prayer?  And how is it showing as a priority in our everyday life to move towards change?

For me, it was a lot easier to cook and buy food to eat, when I didn’t have to label read before buying…  I didn’t have guilt about it – because I just didn’t know any different!!  When I wasn’t working out – it wasn’t as if I were “missing a day” OR feeling like I needed to be moving… it simply wasn’t happening, nor it was it on my mind in the least!

Oh… but how the Spirit moves!

The tables turn when we DO know…  and then, we’re held accountable.


It’s like praying for more opportunities to be used by God – but then, when the rubber meets the road… thinking, “Okay… but maybe not quite like that, could you convict me in another way?  A way that isn’t so hard that I can be more comfortable with?”

Change isn’t easy.  I’ll be the first to completely agree with you.  BUT having the right reasons to commit your way onto the Lord does matter.  He will fill you up when you are too tired, and frazzled to go on.  His Word has the power to completely change your way of thinking and the desires of your heart.  (Hence, why we have 8 children when we thought we were done at 2.)

So if you’re praying for change in your health, and you’re seeking His face in the matter… then move in His direction.  Do what you can each day, and start somewhere.  Whether it’s add in more veggies/salad, starting weekly meal planning that includes ONE healthy recipe, walking more, or drinking more water…  We can all make small improvements that will add up over the long haul.

**For those of you who Facebook – I found a place called the “SKINNY CROCK POT”.  It has some great (non-processed) crock pot recipes!  Check them out!  As the weather gets colder I *love* using my crock pots!  Let us know if you try any that turn out to be a favorite!


“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.” – Galatians 5:22-23

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