Did She Just Say THAT?


You know when you watch something on YOUTUBE, and then all of these other videos pop up to the side?   Usually videos that have NOTHING to do with what you’re watching.  Some are completely inappropriate… and are just.

Well – this one spoke for itself.  The title was “Speak Yourself Thin.”… I clicked on it to have a chuckle, while we worked late into the night on our computers.

At first I thought this woman was on the right track…. but soon enough it took a very wrong turn – stating a lie much of the world tell us we can believe.  (Including many well meaning motivational speakers who consider themselves Christian!)


God never says in His word that we can speak change into existence.  If THAT were true… wouldn’t that make us … well… God?

Should we be positive?  Yes.  Not worry?  Of course!  BUT above all… look to Him for the standard of TRUTH.

So while I loved Susan Hyatt points on not calorie counting and point counting… eating fuel foods, moving your body and no negative self-talk…  As well as looking at the core of WHY you have issues with food and your body.  The Truth comes from God – Who created You for His glory and purpose…. and THAT is the reason you should be taking care of the one body He gave you on earth.

You are not going to “love your body to thin”, nor are you going to “create” yourself… Only God created you.  AND there is NO SUCH THING as “a lucky body”… *shakes head*  Reading/Hearing things like this just make me sad.  Sad that we have inflated views of ourselves in this world, and a deflated view of an all powerful, all knowing God – that we mold to look how WE want Him to.

Remember when things don’t match up with God’s word – they’re not Scriptural, or Truth.   Take what people say and compare it to Scripture… what does GOD say? He’s the only one who really matters anyway.

The motivation, the commitment – it comes from Him.  Pray and be faithful.  Make the changes for the RIGHT reasons He desires for you.  Be healthy for HIM.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” – 2 Timothy 3:16

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