I’ll Take That with a Side of Butter?

It was the evening my friends and myself look forward to once a quarter or sometimes twice a year…

Our Bible study wrap up night.  Each time we complete a book, we take our time slot and celebrate by having dinner together… just adults… enjoying one another, and (if we remember) slowing down enough to ENJOY each bite of food without having the responsibility of cutting up someone else’s meat or spoon feed yet another reluctant eater.

Ahhhh…. so nice.

It was quite… dark… and we enjoyed our time together.  We decided on a steakhouse, and scoped the menu for our options the night before.

Who does that?  We do!!

(The waiter actually made fun of us for doing this, but we decided he obviously didn’t have children, nor a clue of what a treat this was us dedicated mothers!)

We made our specific requests, and ordered our dishes with a plan… dressing on the side, toppings eliminated, and I requested my butter… on the side.  Honestly – I could have just told him to eliminate it…  but I wanted to take a picture to make a point.  If we have an idea of where or when we’re going out to eat – we can pay attention to places we can cut out things we don’t need.

I had a 7oz filet.  It was perfect.  I also enjoyed some asparagus… something my family doesn’t like, so it was a treat!  I also had a garden salad sans croutons with a drizzle of dressing (I really don’t like it much!)

Sorry it's dark, it was a nice relaxing dinner. 🙂 YUM!

Honestly – it tasted perfect… AND I didn’t even MISS the butter in the least.  It’s probably one of those things, we just normally eat – and don’t consider asking them to NOT put it on.  Later, we even enjoyed some Fro-Yo for dessert!

Ask God to help you look for ways you can change things up, to make them better for you, as you strive to be healthy for Him! 🙂

“And those who know Your name put their trust in You,  for You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.”  – Psalm 9:10


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