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Better Choices, Good or Yucky?

An image of our healthier apple pie we made this week. It's been a fun process to teach our children how to make things better for us.

It’s FUN trying new things and seeing ways you can save calories here or there, take something off a dish – adding something else in. Many times you don’t even notice much of a difference.


Sometimes you can TOTALLY tell. I read you should go on an 80% rule. That made sense to me. If it tastes 80% as good as it did before, then it’s ok to change it up. However, if it’s considerably worse tasting than what you’re expecting to enjoy, then perhaps try a new way, or go with the dish “as is” and just have it less frequently, in smaller quantities if you’re not willing to give it up altogether.

One of the summer dishes my kids enjoy is strawberry pretzel salad. It’s a fun treat, and more of a dessert than a salad. Several months ago, I thought I’d try making that with a natural sugar substitute. (Stevia) I made the choice NOT to tell my family that I changed it up (I often do this, to get a real reaction of how different it does or doesn’t taste.)

In a word: Yuck.

No one wanted to say that something was “off” on the pretzel salad, especially my thoughtful husband who NEVER complains about food I make, but I could tell (by some faces being made), that they knew something was amiss. So, I came clean… The pretzels on the bottom ended up tasting bitter – almost burnt, even though were clearly not.  It basically ruined the taste of the entire dish.  It was an easy choice to NOT make that with Stevia on the crust portion again.


Some things, like our family cookie recipes or pies can be switched up a bit, and honestly – you can’t even tell! We use agave, sucanat, whole wheat white flour and a lot of oatmeal when we bake. We’ve switched to dark chocolate chips when applicable. For any of you that have struggled with insulin issues, processed sugar and flour are not your friends. Organic sugar options like agave and sucanat are better options and are easier to find in local stores. Yes they may be more expensive – (especially when you feed as many children as we do), but it’s an investment worth making. Whole wheat and whole wheat white flour are easy to find, as is oatmeal! I know it’s hard to change sometimes, but these are easy changes you can gradually make without emptying out all of your cabinets at once!  Changes that are made gradually are more likely to be longer lasting.

This past year the children’s great grandma passed away. With her, she took her awesome gift of pie baking… which was a blessing to many in our family, and lots of people she served with the talent of pie baking. We loved her pie, but we also knew many of the ingredients weren’t the best choices for our bodies, if we wanted to enjoy it more than once a year… so we wanted to switch it up so we could still be able to enjoy one of the favorite memories we had of her!

Hopefully ONE day, we’ll be talented enough to bless others in the same way great grandma did, with our “healthier apple pie”.  God gives us His word to teach us.  With that, and through our struggles, we are able to make better choices, and hopefully help others being encouraged to do the same.  Let us know how we can pray for you as you strive to be healthy for Him.

Let me know how those TRUTH PACKS are coming along and stay tuned for the recipe!

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”

James 5:16

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