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Nothing is Off Limits!

Have you tried these WASA brand crispbreads? They are cracker like and very tasty! A great add on when you have an all protein/veggie meal.


You read correctly.  NOTHING is off-limits.

Isn’t that freeing?

Once you realize that you’re not bound to being legalistic about food… and you have the education to back your decisions… you can can breathe again.

What if someone told you could NEVER have birthday cake…  Ever again.

How would you feel?

Would you start thinking about birthday cake….?  About how much you LIKE birthday cake… and how you were hoping to share some cake at your son/daughter’s birthday party, or your anniversary, or a wedding celebration and NOW you can NEVER…

Have it.


I’ll tell you what.  I’m not perfect.

I’m thankful God doesn’t expect perfection – even in eating.  BUT…That also isn’t a “get out of jail free card” either.   When I go on vacation, my convictions from God, on health, go with me… they STICK with me at all times.  I don’t suddenly hit a day where I eat “anything I want” and stuff myself crazy full.  I just never desire what some might consider a “free day” like that.  God did that.

What God does want is our best… every day.

When Danna Demetre (Scale Down) mentioned that “no food is forbidden” it was freeing.  What happened when Eve was told the fruit on the tree of knowledge was forbidden?

If we think something is forbidden, we start a cycle of potential idol worship and suddenly food has control over us.  We can become fearful of eating the wrong things… to the point that it consumes us!

As Christians, we are not full of fear.  We are FULL of faith!  Everyday is a free day.  YOU are free in Christ!!

If no food is forbidden, then suddenly it was MY choice to say no to the foods that weren’t good for me. I saw what foods with poor nutritional value  did to my body, and I felt it.  It was not some “list of rules” that made me feel bound and gagged.  I was driven by my accountability to God, and my desire is to please Him.

If there are things you’re consuming that aren’t God’s best… then you need to lay them at His feet.  Pray for Him to help free you from the bondage of whatever that vise may be.  It’s between YOU and Him.

Education is the key to helping you make better choices… don’t use ignorance, to what is in food, as an excuse to consume whatever you want… “because you’re going to die anyway…”   Instead, enjoy the freedom that we can have treats and eat in real life without guilt.  Strive to do better each day, eating the things HE has made for you to enjoy!

Glorify God in the body… in all ways that you can.  It all matters – to Him.

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” – 3 John 1:2

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