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Burn, Baby Burn…

Time to put on those shoes and feel the burn! I can't help but break into the Disco Inferno song! Burn baby burn... (picture from retro-cafe.com)

I love a good burn.

No.  Not a sunburn, although I do that quite easily…(Thank you very little age spots!)

I’m talking about AFTERburn.  The calorie burnin’ benefit you get after you exercise that sticks with you!

What is actually going on in your body, is that your increased heart rate from exercising is requiring your body to need more oxygen for a longer period of time and burns double the fat.  AND not only THAT, but depending on the type and intensity of exercise you do,  the afterburn can benefit you up to 40 hours after your work out!!  How awesome is that??

So you don’t need to feel like you “have to” work out an hour each day.  You are actually getting a great benefit for working out 20-40 minutes each day, rather than 1 hour 2-3 times a week!  Now it’s true, the longer you work out, especially after the 30 minute mark, you ARE going to burn more of that stored energy (FAT)… So if you CAN work out longer a few days a week…. then make that a priority and make that happen!

When you turn muscle into fat through purposeful exercise, you end up with more lean muscle… and muscle burns more calories each day in your body…

Not to mention that aerobic exercise helps with…

– lowering body/belly fat

– increasing your cardiovascular strength

– helping your immunity

– speeding up your metabolism and energy levels

– helping you to release GOOD hormones. (AWESOME – yes?)

Who doesn’t want all of those benefits??


God certainly made us to MOVE!

When you work out multiple days in a row, your calorie burning machine is soaring and all of the benefits I mentioned before continuing to do your body good!  You want to keep that metabolism ramped up, and continue feeling as good as possible, for as long as possible!

Do you see why I’m more focused on what I can do EACH day, instead of trying to figure out which days I’m taking off?  Why wouldn’t I want to maximize my efforts?  It’s ALWAYS easier to figure out a day to take off, then to justify squeezing in a workout at 10pm or after…   Yet if 11pm is all I have, and I’ve made that commitment to work out – I follow through.  My commitment is to God.

That said, don’t feel badly if you can’t workout everyday… you have to do what works for your schedule, but it’s KEY to make its a priority or it isn’t going to happen.  Some people are morning people.  I am not.

BUT…  I read that we MAKE TIME for what is important to us…  (and that goes for ALL areas of our life!)  Be HONEST.  With yourself and with God!  Make your health a priority and a worship to Him!

One comment I hear a lot is, “Buuuut I don’t want to get BULKY!”  Honestly, don’t get super concerned with getting too bulky.  This was a main concern of mine too early on (especially in my arms and upper legs), but what may at FIRST seem like “bigger” legs and arms, is only going to help you burn more fat and calories in the long run…  so it could happen short-term, for a long-term benefit.  (and it’s not a good excuse to not move!)  So just use lighter weights, do more reps, and lay off the muscle enhancer shakes – and you won’t look like a body builder!  We can’t spot remove fat… we have to burn overall body fat, and whittle away at the areas that need toning.

Sorry.  I know.  But that’s just the way it works!

Something that helped me after I got a handle on my BMI and recommended calories through that, are equating how much exercise would burn off a certain amount of calories.  In my mind, it was what something was “worth”… and then *I* would decide if a food was worth it before I consumed it.  So be sure you’re getting educated on everything you’re putting in and allow that afterburn to benefit you for the long haul!

” I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”  – Psalm 139:14

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