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Are you WORTH It?

Maybe you have a low self-worth…

Maybe you’re lacking GOD esteem.

Have we forgotten the One who created us for His purpose?

Sometimes in my self centeredness, I would forget who “my health” was about.  It really wasn’t about me…

I had been blessed with so much.

Each day we wake up – we have just “that day” to conquer…  We can choose what we eat… choose how we move…

Are we going to make excuses on why we will “start tomorrow”, why today isn’t a good day to make a positive change to be healthy for Him?

I did that…  for a long time.

I would focus on the short-term satisfaction… forgetting God wanted to see me maximizing my blessings for His glory.

Once I truly realized my health was a witness… it completely changed my heart on the issue.  When people are able to see you’re different – in multiple ways… and in ways that you’re able to bring glory to God… then they ask questions.

They want to know how THEY can look and feel amazing…

Then ….  it’s as if a door opens.

We can choose to say something WE have done… changes WE have made…


We can turn the glory and focus to God …. who deserves the glory, and honor for what He has done.

Thank you God for your prompting me to listen…. and thank you for helping me realize *I AM* worth dying for.

(You are too!  Now get out and encourage someone else to get healthyforhim! There is a share button at the bottom of this page just waiting for you to CLICK it! Try it out!)

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