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That’s It! Have me Committed!

Let's talk vending machines... WHY don't they have any decent options? What would you pick if these were your only options?

That’s right, I’m turning myself in!

In a world that takes commitment and sacrifice to others lightly, the Bible contrasts that with a God who is full of grace, mercy, and never-ending love.  The statistics for marriage are grim, including in the church… and I believe a lot of it has to do with lack of TRUE commitment.

One must ask – WHO is your commitment in life to?  Who is your Authority and Creator?

If you think you’re committed to yourself… or someone else alone – that’s not going to get you very far.  Marriages and commitments in general fail miserably when the joint commitment is to anything other than God.  Whatever that other “thing”, be it a friend, spouse, program or whatever can become your idol.  Most of the time it’s actually self…  as in SELFISHNESS, pride, and the like.  We want to “believe in ourselves”… do what “makes us happy”… you’ve heard it all before…

Maybe you’ve believed it and didn’t even realize what you were being sold.  Often times we think it’s harmless or a catch phrase.

WRONG.  It’s an idol – and if we’re not careful we believe it.

When it came to my health… it was certainly going to  have to be an iron clad commitment.  I had to be convicted that it would be a commitment worth making to God… just like in a marriage.

After all, without a commitment to God…  was going to be too easy to cheat, or fall of the wagon…

Times are going to be tough.  Things are going to challenge you to look another way… (Mmmm… that extra cookie looks good, who is it going to hurt – right?)  You’re going to have to fight to stay on the narrow path of righteousness for the sake of your commitment…  and know in your heart the Truth of the consequences of your choices.

That’s right.  The only way this is going to work is if you commit your way unto the Lord.

I mentioned I attended a photography seminar this past weekend.  A lot of what I learned was marketing information, and I just eat that stuff up.  I love being able to apply what I learn to so many different areas of life – and share with others, and other businesses little nuggets of inspiration to help them thrive as well.  I truly get excited about seeing others succeed in Him too.  Well, one of the areas that was discussed, was in regards to goals.  There were some statistics shared from the American Society for Training and Development that stated the following in regards to succeeding in your goals.  Watch how the number changes based on what is done with your goals.

1) DECIDE to make a goal – 25% success rate

2) SETTING A TIMEFRAME to complete your goal – 40% success rate

3) DEVELOP A PLAN by writing it down and how to get there – 50% success rate

4) COMMIT the goal to someone – 65% success rate

5) ACCOUNTABILITY appointment with someone – 95% success rate

Whoa!!   Do you SEE that??

So you can see your odds increase in being SUCCESSFUL in your goals the more you invest in that commitment.  If your commitment and your accountability is to God… do you think He is going to be on your side?  Of course!!  He wants what is best for us!!

“Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust Him, and He will help you.”  Psalm 37:5

You Give FOOD A Bad Name…

Deli thins and apple sauce. Two great staples when we're traveling!

It’s no wonder so much of our society is overweight.  With the go, go, go mentality of this world, and the buy into “faster is better”… you can bet a lot of people who buy in, eat out a lot.

When we travel, we eat “in” a lot .  We have hotel “floor picnics” often, and this not only saves money, but helps you be more flexible in knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body.  We’re able to supplement meals to include the food groups and better quality food as well.

This weekend I went to a photography seminar, so we had a bit of eating out while on the go.   We grabbed some of the better choices we could at a restaurant on the way home and I looked around shaking my head at some of their marketing.

I noticed a slogan on one of their posters, as I awaited our order… said something like “the perfect meal…”

It showed a large fry, a hamburger dripping with white saucy stuff, and a large soft drink.


Anyone else for a big, FAT, YUCK?  I feel my arteries filling up and hardening as I type.

I was tempted several times to shoot pictures of the white buns that came with some of the sandwiches we ordered a couple of times on our trip – but I tossed them in the trash before I gave it another thought.  I honestly LAUGH at big, fat, white buns now.  They are hilarious to me.  They’re so full of nothing and lack taste – and you could smash them into a flat patty, then squish it into a ball that would fit into the palm of your hand and they would still have a poor nutritional value.

I truly can’t believe I ever ate that… what a waste of calories!  We’ve studied the menus a lot at our regular “eat out” places – to figure out what is going to be the best option for us.  That is very freeing!

Instead, if I decided to have a “bun” – I opt for the whole wheat deli-thin option.

In case you’ve never tried these goodies they can replace all sorts of “bun” and bread options for you.**  They’re tasty for breakfast and have less carbs than an english muffin, they’re perfect for hamburgers, chicken, cold meat sandwiches and they even have the longer flat ones that work for (gasp) turkey hotdogs or organic brats!  Also a lot of MOTTS Plus applesauce was consumed with some fresh fruit options and yogurt!  I do love summer!

** We normally get Pepperidge Farm’s whole wheat deli thins, or the OroWheat whole wheat brand. It just so happened that this was all the store had on our trip, so I bought these mulitgrain ones that day.

What better choices are you making to be healthy for HIM?

“Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!  So then, on the one hand I myself with my mind am serving the law of God, but on the other; with my flesh the law of sin.  Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law and sin of death.” – Romans 7:25, 8:1-2

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