Feeling Guilty for YOU Time?

This is a fantastic book by Elizabeth Elliot on being a Proverbs 31 woman. Growing in Him should be body, soul and spirit! What great books have grown you the most?

I used to think people who were super fit, did it for vanity.  After all, when I worked out in highschool and college, it was because I wanted to maintain a certain shape, to look a certain way.  I didn’t consider helping my body to perform at it’s best…

When I was in college, I took HORRIBLE care of my body.  I ate terrible, kept terrible hours… and put my health in last place when it came to feeding my body and nurturing it some sleep.  BUT,  I did go to the rec center a lot…  I did the stepper, the treadmill, played some ball… pretended to be a runner.  (Major fail)

I can still picture this one evening in my mind…

I’m working out on the stepper… I have my headset cranked way up to some pumping music and out of the corner of my eye I see this girl walk in…. poured into a workout outfit that was rarely seen at this establishment.  (Maybe most of the girls were modest, but I’m guessing most people wouldn’t have felt comfortable showing any part of their body they didn’t care for in a spandex suit back in the late 90s.)  This girl had the most fit little figure I had ever seen… and in the words of Jillian “you could have bounced a quarter off of her behind.”

I’m sure my mouth was hanging open… not only at her outfit but her ability to wear it so well.  I wondered WHY she was there.  In my mind, people worked out when they wanted to look good – they didn’t work out if they already looked good.

What I didn’t do back then, was consider ALL she was doing to look and feel like that, probably on a daily basis… obviously people aren’t just born that way.  She was taking the maintence steps to take care of her body.  I, on the other hand, was just focusing on what I saw, the outer shell – but who knew what was underneath… and her motivation.  It was rather presumptuous of me to look at judge her or be jealous of her… for any reason.  After all, what was *I* doing to work on what God had given to me?

It was people “like her” – that made me believe the lie that maybe working out was for vanity only and was to achieve a goal (looking good), then you didn’t have to “do it” anymore.   Feeling good wasn’t really in the equation.

As I grew older, and bigger, and had more children…  that whole “me time” factor is what turned me away from exercising.  I had become comfortable in the fact that I was out of shape, because I didn’t have time to exercise, and besides…  it was a great excuse to not make the time, THAT would be selfish.

Did God’s word say that?

No, in fact He tells us to take care of our bodies, as they are a temple of the Holy Spirit in us. (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

Could it be another message the world puts on us?  A lie we believe and feel guilty about?

Even now – several of my workout DVDs say all sorts of mumbo-jumbo like “focus on YOU…. this is YOU TIME…  celebrate what YOU have done…YOU. YOU. YOU…”

If you don’t watch out – you can be bombarded with so many messages everywhere that are quick to remind you life is “all about you“… and “what you want to make YOU happy”…  forgetting the most important factor in your relationship with God and all things.  God Himself.

As the world pushes their message on you…  you may start to believe the lie in other areas of your life – that working out and eating right is selfish…  or on the other end of the spectrum, be consumed with the ideal that it IS all about you.

Unless of course…. you remember the Truth.

When I hear those messages now… I just combat them in my head with the Truth that I’ve worked on memorizing.  I focus on the Scriptures that God presents as His desires for me.  I remember who I’m doing this for.

I remember that I’m worth it – because He says I am.

So then, it’s not JUST for me.  It’s not JUST for my husband and role modeling for my kids… It’s not just to avoid gaining weight that will weigh me down in all areas of my health…

Most importantly it’s for God.

It’s taking what He has blessed me with … a healthy body that moves, and giving him the best return on His investment.

It took a long while of God transforming my mind on the issues at hand.  Looking good can be part of the equation… but it’s secondary to feeling good…

We’re not talking about hours upon hours.  We’re talking about 15 minutes a day to an hour.  How much tv time could you give up…. or computer time.  *gulp*

Don’t feel guilty.  Just get movin’ for Him!

“For man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” – 1 Samuel 16:7

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