Pride… and HOPE!

God created SO many awesome, colorful foods! Here is my typical lunch - green leaf lettuce salad, peppers, cucumbers, shredded chicken, cottage cheese and sunflower seeds. Delish!

I tend to avoid things I don’t want to deal with.  Do you ever do this?

I know it’s not a good answer, or even a righteous one…  but I’m aware that sometimes it’s the cop-out I take.

WHY do I do that?


When it came to educating myself Biblically on matters that just MIGHT convict me… or, rather… I knew would convict me… well… I avoided those things all the more.

When my husband came home from a business trip 7 years ago, and told me he thought homeschooling would be the best decision for our family.  I thought he had lost his mind (again).

Nope.  I *knew* God wasn’t going to lead me to do that…. (because I didn’t want to do it…) I avoided this book he suggested I read, and prayed my husband would come to his senses!

Well you know God…  When He wants something out of you – He hunts you down.  He’s relentless and doesn’t let you go on the matter.

He sets you on fire.

Suddenly every Scripture you read – blares whatever conviction He’s throwing at you.  Everyone you talk to seems to bring up this “random” topic… and you start realizing… maybe – just maaaaybe… you should listen up and pay attention!!

I realize most people know what they’re supposed to be doing when it comes to their health.  They just choose not to do it.

I was the same way.


They tell me this all the time… “oh yeah, I know that… I just don’t do it.”

Okay great… so we KNOW what to do… God just isn’t important enough to make the change?  Is that what we’re saying?

We know we’d feel better if considered more closely what we put into our mouths.

We know we’d feel better if  we made it a point to exercise regularly each day.

We know quality of food and drink matters to how we feel and function.

So basically…

We’re comfortable being uncomfortable and do not wish to change?

Fabulous… we know SO much…. that we know the outcome!  When we aim at nothing – we’ll hit it every time!!

Just a reminder that when we put God in front of ourselves on this journey…   When we stop being selfish for short-term satisfaction, and prideful of already knowing it all but not acting when being prompted – God has some wonderful blessings in store we won’t want to miss!

Lay all of your frustrations at His feet.  He promises to be right there every step (and bite) of the way! 🙂

Share some of the blessings of HOPE He has given you along the way… as you strive to be healthy for Him!

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”  – Romans 5:3-5

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  1. Let me share that one of the blessings of hope I have is that our children NOW know the importance of being fit and eating healthy. They saw me pricking my finger many times a day with GD and they see the difference in me being healthy now! Hopefully the role modeling we do for them will affect future generations in our families!

  2. So true, Sara. Chad & I were just talking about this on Thursday. Great example for kids to actually USE the information & knowledge we’ve been given!

  3. Amen! D2 said, “excercise is FUN… right mom?” “YES!!” 🙂

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