Hey – I Saw That!

Do you think God cares about what goes into your body?

Do you wish someone would SLAP your hand as you reached for that second something-or-other that you shouldn’t be having… or when you mindlessly put another chip into your mouth only to wonder WHO just ate that, because you KNOW you didn’t???

I’m not sure why over eating, or eating poorly is an accepted sin in this world – but as my eyes have been opened, I began to realize how, as a society, we seem to laugh it off!  We actually joke it up about eating way more than we know we need.

It’s accepted, everywhere… even within our own churches…  I had CERTAINLY accepted this way of thinking as well.

I began thinking of all of the holidays and events CENTERED around FOOD and drinks.  AND… we aren’t talking about the healthiest food, or keeping our portions under control… but rather celebrating OVER eating!   We then justify it – because it’s what you’re suppose to do….  after all, there was just SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!!

So… EAT! EAT! EAT!  EAT until you feel sick, and then eat some more!


Do you really think that’s how God wants us to act and feel?


I wondered… why couldn’t all holidays and get togethers be like normal days – where I felt able to make the best choices, instead of feeling like I needed to eat like it was my last meal EVER?

Suddenly my perspective was changing…  God was literally changing my heart and mind about what it meant to eat healthy for Him!  As I read different Scriptures, I began to see God’s Truth in the matter.  He was speaking right to me.  “Sara, this isn’t the last brownie to be had.  One. Is. Enough.”

Just because I loved _____(name whatever food you long for!) didn’t meant it had to rule over me…  It was to enjoy, often nourish… and I could be thankful!!  Maybe even savor it while I ate it… but be content in NOT having it consume me.   I didn’t need to be short-sighted on how it would make me feel AFTERWARDS, when I ate TOO MUCH… physically and emotionally.

Now, I’m not saying I eat perfectly now… because I don’t.   I realize we live in a fallen world, but I also don’t use that as an EXCUSE to have no self-control.  When I have weaker moments, I continue to draw that strength I need from Him.

God wasn’t asking me to eat 100% perfectly every day, but rather for us to do OUR best for Him.

Fooducate has a website, blog and app to help you get tips on the best foods for you! It compares products and takes the guess-work out for you! Picture from fooducate.

Quick Tip – for all of your App junkies out there.  Fooducate is a great app for comparing food products and getting the low down on why something might healthier than another product.  Definitely worth checking out – lots of great information!  Do you have a favorite app that has been helpful to your journey to being healthy for Him?

To GOD be the glory!

“It is not good to eat much honey, nor is it glorious to seek one’s own glory.”  Proverbs 25:27

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  1. Kay Ann Hewlett

    The app Calorie Counter allows you to input your daily food and exercise and helps keep track of calories burned and remaining calories for the day. You can scan products, do a search for a product, or enter the product. Helps with accountability.

  2. Awesome – I love that one too! I haven’t ever scanned products with it – I’ll have to try it out!

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