A Dirty Secret… that adds to your BOTTOM line.

So…how is that tracking of what you’re putting in going? Are you surprised at what you’re consuming… or right on track?

How often do you eat out?  Maybe never… maybe once in a great while… maybe – A LOT.  We definitely don’t eat out like we used to… but sometimes it’s a must, and sometimes we like to work on training our children to be able to eat in public.

For fun, take a peek online at some of your favorite places to eat.  I don’t know why restaurants do this, but so many of the meals have enough calories for 2 people or enough calories for your entire day!

When I did this, I was surprised at what meals and items were worse than others.  You thought salads were supposed to be “healthy” – beware!

Chocolate Molten Cake - One of my favorites! This dessert has over 1000 calories though, so I split it and have it maybe 2 times a year! (followed by a workout for sure!)

It definitely takes some extra effort up front to get educated, but it’s SO worth it if you ever eat out. Take a peek at the nutritional value information of some of your favorite dishes and desserts you normally consume at the places you eat out at the most.  I always drink water, but check out some of the sweetened teas and treat drinks as well.

Suddenly not hungry anymore?  Yeah, ME neither.

Once I did that – and I realized just how much movement it was going to take to burn something off or how much sodium was in a dish… We actually started avoiding certain restaurants altogether, because nothing sounded good that was “worth it”.

That said…

Most places do have a some great healthier options though. So, take a look at the information, see what you can substitute… extra veggies, removing sauces or some bread… make a mental note of some of the better choices – so you can be more prepared NEXT time you go out to eat. Sometimes I choose to eat half of a whole wheat bun, or no bun (or we often bring Deli-Thins to put our sandwich on those!)  We also like to split meals.  Get creative on ways to get that number down without sacrificing taste, or things you enjoy.

NOTE: I don’t ever skip meals or snacks anymore – I keep a 90 calorie granola bar that is one carb choice on me “just in case” – to insure the worst doesn’t happen. In the van, we keep healthier
option applesauce cups with spoons for the kids, nuts and other smart choices while we travel or run errands. We pack a cooler with carrots, yogurt and often salads for “meals in the van” to supplement any take out. I don’t want my body reaching that “rock bottom” starving feeling – and I want my family to have the best options too!

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” – Romans 12:2

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  1. stacey Powell

    One of the best tracking resources of calories is called myfitnesspal.com it’s free and so easy to use. It also has many resteraunt meal calories already in the system. You can also keep track of how many calories your burning.

    • I completely agree, we love fitnesspal! It’s much more consistent with it’s information than some of the other websites I dealt with that have nutritional information (livestrong specifically) Thanks for sharing that Stacey!

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