Got my BMI going on… Now what?

So you know your BMI range, and you’re thinking… so what?  Or maybe you think the BMI scale is bogus.  At any rate, these shouldn’t be numbers that frustrate you, but instead motivate you to move more and eat less, to avoid long-term health issues.

While this BMI number is important, it’s just one factor in the many numbers of this equation…that make up the person God designed in YOU!

I enjoy this new take on the old "food pyramid" - This is a great example of what your meal plate should look like on a regular basis


In grade school, I always learned that most people needed around a 1700-2000 calorie “diet”.  I didn’t know where that number came from really – or what the equation was.

God made us perfect calorie counting machines – so this makes complete sense.  If you put more calories in than you burn, it turns into fat…

So many people… (here it comes)… think, “This is easy, I’ll slash my caloric intake in half, and lose the weight TWICE as fast.”

This is a REALLY bad idea…

And here is why:

Unless a Dr has ordered this, or you’re on the Biggest Loser with a personal trainer 24/7 (No?  I didn’t think so.), most people don’t want to cut too many calories too quickly, or it will throw off their metabolism – slowing it way down…

Sure they might lose weight initially, but after a while, their metabolism is slowed down so far, they stop losing weight or begin gaining weight back and are crazy starving… but not understanding WHY!

Then they give up.

Diet over.  Next!

Personally,  I knew I could do anything for a short amount of time – but how about for the long haul?

I wanted TRANSFORMATION for life!

It wasn’t going to be some short term thing…  I was going to have to say NO to some things, to say yes to God and my health.

So let’s take my past goals as an example.  I weighed 175 lbs postpartum this last time and I wanted to see if I could get back to my mid-level weight of 140 lbs.  I needed some smaller goals to get there without killing my metabolism by cutting too many calories out too quickly…  so I started with 160 lbs.  It wasn’t a fixed number – just “around 160”

So I learned that at my age, I needed about 12 calories per pound to maintain a certain weight.  (I didn’t excel at math until college, so stay with me here)….

12 (calories per lb)  X  175 lbs (the weight I started at) = 2100 net calories (to maintain this weight)

if I wanted to be at 160 I would need to decrease my net calories to:

12(calories per lb)  X 160 lbs (first goal) = 1920 net calories

Boy, that doesn’t seem like that much of a difference does it?  180 net calories less a day?  I could do that.  I could do that easily… by increasing my movement (exercising harder, or longer), or eating a little less at each meal!

If you think I measured out 180 calories a day less to eat – I didn’t.  I just made sure I was consuming about 1900 – and kept moving a little each day that I could.  I didn’t go overboard exercising hours on end… I just make an effort to worship Him through exercise as much as possible… again, MAKING time for it.  I stopped eating when I was full, and focused on eating things that God created for consumption – those are the best for me!

So now you take a look at it.  Figure out what you are consuming daily to be the weight you are currently at.*  Then figure what you should be consuming to get to your goal weight range, if you have a long way to go, (like I did), set a mini goal. DO NOT just start slashing calories, or burn yourself out exercising or worse.  Move a little more – eat a little less.  You can totally do this.  Remember to bring it before God in prayer and ask Him to meet your needs that you feel tempted to fill with food!  This isn’t a race or an event – it’s a process to be healthy for HIM.

Soon we’ll talk about some calorie burning elements and more …. stay tuned!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”– Romans 8:28

* There are several websites and apps like and to help you get a handle on what you’re putting in each day – ALL DAY.  Granted, it might seem like a bit of work, but think of it as an investment in the best you’ve been blessed with. To work with God on these changes – we need to be honest with ourselves.  Put down every drink and food that goes into your mouth.  Some times an accountability partner is great in this area… but just a few weeks of paying specific attention to what you eat is going to help you to make some better choices for your body and for your future.

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