The Truth about Truth…

We get asked often what we did to lose the weight.  That might be the part people SEE… but the transformation I feel on the inside – is now finally visable to others.  I’ve been pregnant and post-partum so much in the past 11 years that most people had no idea what a healthy me looks like.  Myself included.

I’ve often shared the books or magazines I’ve read, the food I eat, the workouts I’ve seen the most results with, but the TRUTH is –

It isn’t just a workout program.

It’s not a secret diet.

It’s not a pill you can take that magically melts fat away.

It’s God’s Truth – and YOU can have it too!

I know some people want this quick fix, an easy answer – some “guaranteed” solution to something that works.  Well I’m going to tell you the truth.  The TRUTH is – you’re going to get everything OUT of your health, mind and your body that you put IN on your journey to get healthy.

I was encouraged that we needed a spot to layout some of God’s Truths in regards to health – so we had a place to point people who were struggling like I was.  People who were like me and earnestly seeking CHANGE in their lives, through His word.  A place we could come and be encouraged by some REAL moms who are being transformed by the Truth too.

The truth about the Truth is… God has provided the answers in His Word to transform your mind about how important your health is and how worth it you are to Him.

I didn’t used to think about it honestly…  I mean, I read God’s word, and I studied all sorts of topics to deepen my relationship with Him in other areas.

But God’s Truth and my health?  I guess I wasn’t at a point to be convicted they went hand in hand.

It’s RIGHT there, and yet, some how, I missed it.  After I had gestational diabetes, I began reading a book by Christian author, Chantel Hobbs.  The book was appropriately titled, “Never Say Diet Again.”

Perfect.  Right?

I disliked the word diet SO much, I knew this book would speak to me – and it did.  I learned the changes I had made that year were good – but if I was going to live a life to glorify God in the body, the transformation was going to need to happen inside out, and the conviction to change was going to need to come higher up than just my desire to be healthy.

Uh oh – more education….  and more change…  and now PRAYER??  *Gasp!*

Yes, definitely EXTREME measures.  But these are extreme times!

It’s ok, it really is – a little bit of education, will last you your life time – and keeping yourself accountable to God – is definitely a standard worthy of aspiring to.

You are going to be SO thankful you know more so that you can do better for your body…


As women, society often puts out a bunch of untruths and halftruths and we soak them up and program them in.  As I read books about being healthy for God, I began to realize all of the ones I believed…


It’s selfish to spend time working out, after all – my job is to take care of my children.  Putting myself in front of anything would be SELFISH and vain.


This couldn’t be further from the Truth – God tells us in His word to care for our bodies for His glory.  If we don’t take care of our bodies by the food we eat, and the exercise we do…. who is going to?  We NEED to be healthy for our families – we are one of their main caretakers!


I don’t have time to work out.    (Did I mention I had 6 kids at this point – surely God knew I didn’t have TIME to work out – right?)


This applies to SO many aspects of our health.  We all get 24 hours in a day – so none of us has MORE time than the next person.  We need to get over ourselves and realize it US who decides how that time gets split up.  If your health is a priority – show God it is.  MAKE THE CHOICE to make it a priority for Him.  I often work out after 10pm.  It’s not ideal – but sometimes that’s all I have… so I make it happen, and I’m always glad I did.


I just can’t stop eating.


Yes.  You can.  Unless someone else is force feeding you… I doubt it.  NO ONE is forcing you to put that extra bite or dessert into your mouth.  It’s YOU.  Own up.  I often would eat 3-4 cookie bars a day… in the name of “I deserve this”, “I’m stressed out” or “I’m nursing, I need extra calories”… all those empty calories did – was make me feel worse than I did to start with.  What’s the saying?  A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?  Yeah – that’s exactly what was happening.  Stop the cycle!

LOOK at that plate of french toast. Looks good eh? It's from a restaurant we used to like to go to once in a while... any guesses on how many calories are in this puppy?

God made our bodies PERFECT calorie counting machines.  As one of my favorite authors, Danna Demetre pointed out to me in her book “Scale Down”, our bodies are like the perfect accountant – they will not lie.  If you put more calories in than you burn – it’s going to turn into FAT.

And THAT, my friend, is the Truth.

“Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.”  Luke 12:23

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  1. SO TRUE! More Moms DEFINITELY need to get that work out in! God only gave us ONE BODY after all!

  2. I really used to think it was selfish. It’s not a wonder, even most of the DVDs I do say “this is about YOU.” That’s when I just throw out that lie and say…. “this is about God.” Then I remind myself of all of the reasons I need to be fit and healthy.

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